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Who doesn’t love a good photograph of a celebrity? Sure, celebrities post pictures of themselves on social media today. Additionally, we even have celebrity photographers clicking candid pictures. However, nothing like a professionally shot photography of a celebrity. Which not only captures the aura of the star, but does so with the right details. Firstly, good lighting. Secondly, good location. Thirdly, good themes. Finally, good props. Remember Kim Kardashian’s photoshoot with the bottle of champagne? With the best celebrity photographer in Chennai, you’re sorted.

Why professional celebrity photography?

Sumanth Kumar comes with a vast portfolio of celebrity photography. For example, it consists of celebrity photoshoots for a variety of projects. These include campaign photography, editorial photography and lifestyle photography. Furthermore he has also experimented with lighting, props, backgrounds and themes for example. This, effectively capturing unique aspects of the celebrity’s personality in each photograph.

Additionally, Kumar is experiences in other relevant photography types as well. These include editorial portrait photography, fashion photography, portrait photography, advertisement photography to name a few. Furthermore, he has great understanding of the technical aspects as well. Firstly, portrait photography poses male or female. Secondly, fashion photography for magazines. Thirdly, understanding of professional photographer equipment and editorial photography storytelling. Whether it’s fashion photography outdoor or portrait photography at home. Whether its fashion photography lighting techniques or professional photographer for LinkedIn.

Is celebrity photography all that easy?

Not really. It’s easy to get starry-eyed when clicking pictures of a celebrity. However, the art lies in weaving a narrative. An able photographer will place them as part of the overall frame. And focus on the main intent of the photograph. It may be the brand being endorsed or a cause being championed. Of course, all of it being elevated with the presence of a celebrity – but not overshadowed.

One of the best photographers in Chennai, Kumar brings his unique expertise to his projects.

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