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Has photography changed over the years? Most definitely. But has it survived the pandemic? Without doubt. But why is fashion photography important? Because effective photography can be as vital as other business decisions to bring in your desired audiences. The key however is to learn to adapt and diversify.  Work from Sumanth Kumar’s fashion photography studio consists of a body of work that’s both vast and diverse. From fashion photography for magazines and catalogs, to on-location shoots and photography without models as well. Whether it’s about choosing the right background for the shoot, or or the right lenses or the right captions. Not just this, with the scope of this category expanding in India and elsewhere, Kumar’s portfolio goes beyond just the shoot. He holds expertise over craft fundamentals like fashion photography themes, ideas, editing and lighting to name a few.

Having worked with an impressive clientele, Kumar’s grip on the craft goes beyond the basics. The photographer’s got his finger on the nerve when it comes to getting you the right backdrop, location, lighting or even ideas.he is one of the fashion photographer in Chennai who has a beautiful studio, Even when you’d want to pull off a little fashion photography shoot at home as well! Or whether you’d want some fashion photography outdoors. One of the best fashion photographer in Chennai, Kumar understands what his clients exactly need. Mostly, because this isn’t a category in itself for the sake of it. It’s vastly different from portrait photography or even standard photoshoots for magazines. Sure, heading to one of those fashion photography courses or workshops might do you good. And help you get on the pandemic-driven self-help trend as well. But with Sumanth Kumar’s portfolio, all you gotta do is pose. From fashion photography for instagram and magazines to websites, you’re covered! Right from the basics, to the more detailed stages of editing, re-touching and so on.

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