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Watch the chocolate slip from the sides of the marshmallow. Feel the crunch of the almonds from the bite of the tart. Pierce the fork through the tenderness of the grilled chicken. And sniff the cinnamon stick gently placed atop the cup of hot chocolate. Food photography is a category like none other. And there’s no bad time to see photographs of food. First thing when you wake up, in the middle of a working day. During your tea-time break, or right before you head to sleep. You’re bound to battle pangs of hunger. And as debatable as this claim may be, effective food photography is meant to worsen such hunger pangs. Through just images.

Just like any other product photography, food is meant to be photographed with all aesthetics and basics in place. What do you need for food photography? What kind of backgrounds does photography for indian dishes need? Will the grilled salmon fish look better with bright food photography lighting? How important is food photography setup? And what about the plates? Are there any food photography plates and cutlery that make it look better ? And why just food – what about the cocktails? How else will we know about cocktail hours, cocktail lounges and cocktail parties other than cocktail photography? And what are the best camera settings to capture the wild cubes of ice in that martini glass? Who’s the best professiona around? Will i find a good food photographer in Chennai, for instance? Will my iPhone be enough or do I need professional cocktail photography? Can I pull off food photography at home? Do I even need a photography overhead tripod? The scope of  food photography ideas is maddening.

Whether it’s photography for beginners, or for experts, the questions are never ending. Whether you’re looking for food photographer in Chennai, specifically. But there’s also no escape. From food photography for Instagram and websites as well as on magazines and books. From food photography composition right to food photography editing, here’s a complete package. One of the best food photographers in Chennai, Sumanth Kumar has all your worries taken care of.  All so that you could smell the cinnamon stick from a thousand miles away!

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