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Diamonds are everybody’s best friend. And they forever will be. Though the sparkly stone in itself is quite the tempting loot, a shimmier presentation never hurt no one. And just like diamonds and other shiny stones, jewellery photography also will never go out of style. It’s a category that you come across every now or then. While scrolling through social media, or flipping through the newspaper you’re bound to catch photography of jewellery. What works for people looking for top-notch jewellery photographers is that you have half the battle won with the product itself. Can’t really go wrong with stunning pieces of jewellery. What proves tricky at most times is how your photographer is going to shoot it. Coming to jewellery photography services What kind of jewellery photography lens do you use? How do you want the light to reflect off your product in the photographs of jewellery? What kind of background for jewellery photography works best? Will you get better shots with macro jewellery photography techniques? Or do you feature just a hand or a neck?

While a lot of people are also learning the tropes themselves of executing jewellery photoshoots at home itself, an expert is always preferred. Sumanth Kumar brings in everything you need to get perfect pictures of your jewellery. Whether you’d want your jewellery to be photographed in a studio, or in the comfort of your home, Kumar has everything covered. Whether you’d just want gold jewellery photography servies  or jewellery model photography or props for jewellery photography even. The basics are taken care of as well – jewellery photography editing or the perfect jewellery photography lighting setup.

From jewellery editorial photography and e-commerce photography, to jewellery photography services  for Instagram. One of the best jewellery photographers in Bangalore and one of the top jewellery photographer in Chennai , Kumar can easily switch between all your micro-needs and interests.

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