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People constantly hunt for fresh ideas. Equally important is the need for consistency. For instance, consistency in quality. Similarly, consistency in communication. One of the best lifestyle photography professionals in Chennai, Kumar, understands this. Campaign photography is a mixture of different categories of photography. Firstly, advertising photography. Secondly, product photography. Thirdly, editorial photography and so on. However, Kumar is not only one of the best product photographers in Bangalore and other cities. But is also someone who comes with vast experience. Nonetheless, before we get into that – what is campaign photography?

What is campaign photography?

It’s professional photography aimed at storytelling. For instance, take product photography. The story is about a product. Or editorial photography. The narrative is about your company’s brand ambassador. The opportunities are endless. And so are the stories.

The campaign is meant to be consistent and long running. Moreover, it should have a long-lasting impact. For this reason, each image has to be linked with the other images. Lifestyle photographers like Kumar understand the need for effective storytelling. Additionally, they understand the need for details. For instance, why the lighting in one shot needs to be maintained in another. Furthermore, does your brand need to be visually plugged or left out?

What matters then?

Think about advertising photographers in London. Or editorial photographers in Germany for example. Think about election campaign photography. Similarly, take Lifestyle photography fashion photography  around the Paris Fashion Week. They all weave stories around their subjects. At the heart of it, campaign photography goes by advertising photography definition. But the trick here is capturing the essence. For example, should the vulnerability of a model be captured? Similarly, how bright should a piece of jewellery actually shine in the picture?

When it comes to Lifestyle photography, Kumar’s understanding goes beyond the basics.

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