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Fewer things have been as integral to our lives, like photographs. They record history. They record moments. They take us back to the one time we felt the happiest in our lives. They remind us of when we felt the most sadness. They bring us in the company of people we may have loved. Of people who were once ours to call. People who were only in our lives for a season. And those who were with us for a reason. Photographs are as personal as they are social. As ours to call, as they are for the world to call their own. Photographs find a spot in our bedrooms when we reminisce. They find a spot in books when the world looks back at history. And of course, in photograph repositories that act like photography blogs.

Photographs as symbols and icons

For instance, the way we look at history today is through photographs. Whether it was a vulture waiting to feed on a dying child, or the nurse-soldier duo sharing a moment marking the end of the Second World War. Take portraits as well. From iconic portrait shots of Winston Churchill and Che Guevara. To the timeless shots of Mahatma Gandhi on his spinning wheel. Marilyn Monroe in a still from one of her most successful movies. History is replete with such examples.

Photographs for nostalgia

Not only do photographs narrate stories, but they also inspire. They inspire us, even decades or perhaps generations down the line. They make us love. They make us hate. They make us want to slam the book shut. But mostly, they make us want to know more. They make us curious. Photography blogs make us think.

This is why photography never goes out of style. Whether it was years ago, or for years to come. No matter how developed technology gets. And doesn’t matter if our language of loving one another were to change. The way we remember, the way we crave nostalgia will never change. And photography blogs are one of the most powerful tools to bring about this effect.

If change is constant, losing what we once may value the most in our lives, is a constant in life as well. And its photographs – and good photography at that – will always remain. To help us remember through times.

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