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This is as wide as a category gets. But also as exciting. Everything and anything is a product – from the chair you’re sitting on, to the phone you’re scrolling through, to the mug you’re sipping your coffee out of. Similarly, with almost everything up for sale, you’ll need just the right amount of strategizing to pitch your product better than its competition. Nonetheless, at most times, eye-catching product photography does it for you. Think about it. For instance, you’ve put up your product on a global marketplace, like Amazon. However, unless you’re selling tickets for a flight to Mars, you’ve got thousands or even lakhs of similar products competing with you.

Need to have an edge over others

There’s no dearth of product photography ideas. Even for product photography for Amazon. The potential buyer, while scrolling through the list, only gets to see one thumbnail image of your product. Goes without saying, this image needs to make the deal for you – for your business and your customer. You may have a great product.

For example, a deep brown leather bag. Great product – but the deal breaker for someone sitting miles away from the product? Moreover, there are so many ways the picture might go awry. For instance,  the bag photographed under poor lighting Or against a dark background. Maybe it’s shot at an awkward angle with camera zoom settings that fail to bring about the exquisite details of the bag. Nonetheless, experienced photographers will know exactly what to do.

Why bring in a professional?

For the details. Whether we need to use a lightbox for the chocolate photography or stick to product photography services at home? Does the item need any props for creative product photography or just a fancy backdrop for the perfume photography? Whether you need models or hop on the trend and just get to product photography DIY! What kind of product photography themes, lighting and camera equipment will enhance the appeal of the product. No misrepresentation – but bringing out the craft, art and the make of the product for the viewers to judge. Some products are best shot with models. And some are best shot as stand-alone items in the frame for product photography for ecommerce. Some products are best shot with a black background, and some prefer product photography outdoors.

Either way, with the best product photographer in Chennai, Kumar and his portfolio, there’s always room for experimentation. From apparel photography services, Product photography Services and Amazon FBA photography to packshot retouching and ghost mannequin photography.

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