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This has got to be the most ironic and yet more sought after branches of photography. That is to say, it’s ironic. In other words, is travel photography possible during a lockdown, or during a pandemic? And sought after because it’s the most visible of all categories. On traditional as well as social media. Travel photography as a hobby is fast developing into full-blown careers. Whether travel photography national geographic style, or caption for travel photography – the interest boils over. Moreover, with one of the best providers of travel photography service in Chennai, you’re guaranteed great results!

No dearth of options

Travel photography services and trips are being designed with people even looking at how to get a job as a travel photographer. Similarly, travel photography degrees, courses and workshops are on the boom as well, and so are travel photography destinations like Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. However, it isn’t just about as easy as soaking up the midday sun. Nonetheless, it brings with itself a bunch of questions too – do I need a tripod?

And throwing in some more questions

Firstly, which travel photography gear do I use? Secondly, which travel photography accessories do I use? Thirdly, what are the best travel destinations for photographers ? Finally, is landscape photography better than featuring people in the frame? Tired? Wait, there are some more. For instance, how do I fly with photography equipment? Likewise, which lightroom presets are the best for a perfect shot? In the same vein is the question, which travel camera is the best and which lens do I use? Therefore, the questions are endless really. Evidently. Moreover, so is the expertise Sumanth Kumar has with travel photography. Even if you’re looking at getting an internship, re-starting a career or paving a new vocation in this field.

Banking on the experience

Of course, working with  the best travel photographer in Chennai, like Kumar is a masterclass in itself.with  Furthermore, your basics are sorted. Whether it’s travel photography for Instagram or using the right camera for the shoot.

Nonetheless, the expertise of top travel photographer in Chennai and master the art of transporting viewers, miles away.

Moreover, if you were to rely on photographers like Kumar, be assured. Your audiences are bound to wander away, in spirit. Indeed, the pictures are bound to tempt!

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