It’s as generic as it gets. But that’s where the risk lies as well. Given how all-consuming the category is, you might just get too laid back about it. Think about it – if everybody’s doing, and if practically any kind of professional photography comes under this segment – what’s setting you apart? Tabletop photography, editorial photography, jewellery photography, food photography, fashion photography – all of them are commercial to a certain extent. What creates the impact then?

It’s about getting the basics right. Being able to capture the right essence of the product or the model being featured. Why else would a customer scrolling through images want to pause to look at your product? Does the photograph add to the nuances? Absolutely!

Is it the lighting for tabletop photography? Using the right advertising photography equipment? Hiring someone with a professional photographer degree? Using the right lens for fashion photography? What is it really? With ecommerce product photography or with those offering lifestyle product photography services – what clicks with some and not with others? Where does tabletop photography feature in commercial photography as a whole? Can we use 360 product photography to enhance the appeal then?

It’s all of the above, and more. But how has photography changed over the years? Primarily, it’s no longer about clicking the best picture. It’s getting the best shot that through just one frame, weaves a story. What photography sells the best? The kind that possibly has a different story to tell everytime you look at it. And this is exactly why photography matters, and its exactly why photography is art.

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