Who doesn’t love a good photograph of a celebrity? Celebrities post their own images today, on social media sure. Sure. But we all enjoy iconic images. And most of such iconic images have been shot by professional photographers. Moreover they capture the aura of the star and with the right details. Firstly, good lighting. Secondly, good location. Thirdly, good themes. Finally, good props. With the best celebrity photographer in Chennai, you’re sorted.

Why professional celebrity photography?

Having worked with an impressive clientele, Kumar’s grip on the craft goes beyond the basics. This is to say that the photographer’s got his finger on the nerve when it comes to the details. Foe example,getting you the right backdrop, location, lighting or even ideas. He is one of the most prolific fashion photographers in Chennai. Moreover, Kumar’s stunning studio ensures you get perfect shots with every pose! Nonetheless, Kumar also helps with details that don’t need the studio. For instance, even when you’d want to pull off a little fashion photography shoot at home as well! Or whether you’d want some fashion photography outdoors.

Why you need a professional

One of the best fashion photographers in Chennai, Kumar understands what his clients exactly need. However, fashion photography isn’t a category in itself for the sake of it. It’s vastly different from portrait photography or even standard photoshoots for magazines. Sure, heading to one of those fashion photography courses or workshops might do you good. Above all, they might help you get on the pandemic-driven self-help trend as well. However, with Sumanth Kumar’s portfolio, all you gotta do is pose. For example, from fashion photography for instagram and magazines to websites, you’re covered! Right from the basics, to the more detailed stages of editing, re-touching and so on.

Is celebrity photography all that easy?

Not really. It’s easy to get starry-eyed when clicking pictures of a celebrity. However, the art lies in weaving a narrative. An able photographer will place them as part of the overall frame. And focus on the main intent of the photograph. It may be the brand being endorsed or a cause being championed. Of course, all of it being elevated with the presence of a celebrity – but not overshadowed.

With one of the best celebrity photographers in Chennai, like Sumanth, you have the other details covered too. Whether it’s outdoor  or editorial beauty photography. For instance, from using the right inspiration and themes, to using the right lighting, techniques and editorial photography equipment. Moreover, with Kumar’s celebrity photography portfolio, you’re guaranteed the best with the one of the best photographers in Hyderabad

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