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Crushed ice for a sweltering hot summer. A warm cup of tea for the thundering rainy evening. And a steaming hot cup of chocolate for the sleepless winter nights. If neither of them, then carefully composed, detailed photographs of these beverages would also do. However, just any photograph. Something that’s equally provocative to our taste buds and our cravings.

For example, cocktail hour wedding photography for all the times we’ve missed a wedding. Or a shot with the cutest cocktail photography props – the lemon wedge or the tiny umbrella atop the glass.  Similarly, what about beverages you may not only want to enjoy in the sweltering Chennai heat, but also flaunt it on social media? Wouldn’t you want the services of one of the best cocktail photographers in Chennai, then? More on that further down in this text!

Why cocktail photography?

However, we’re not just talking about social media. With good cocktail or beverage photography, you could get your business up and running. Firstly, you could entice customers into your resto-bar. Secondly, you could spread the word about catering orders. How else will people ever know about cocktail hours, cocktail lounges and cocktail parties other than cocktail photography? Additionally, what are the best camera settings to capture the wild cubes of ice in that martini glass? Similarly, will my iPhone be enough or do I need professional cocktail photography?

What are the best camera settings for food or cocktail photography? And what lighting do I use? From cocktail bar photography to cocktail still life photography. From choosing between photography at home, to opting for the best cocktail photography in Chennai, to cocktail dress vintage photography. The options are as delicious as a Mojito.

Who do you go to then?

With Sumanth Kumar Photography, such details are well taken care of. For instance, from beverage photography posters to cocktail photography for pinterest and other such sites. Additionally, from using the right hashtags and captions, to the perfect cocktail photography lighting and setup. Truly with the one of the best in cocktail photography in Chennai, just sit back and sip away

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