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While every photographer may understand the need to perfect their shot, few will bother looking beyond what their lens can capture. For Sumanth Kumar, photography is  about perfecting the technicalities of the craft. But it’s also about weaving a humane narrative. Moreover, as one of the best providers of photography services in Chennai, you’re good to go.

A diverse portfolio of experience

With close to 15 years of experience in photography services in Chennai, Kumar comes with rich experience. These include leading names in the textile, jewellery industries, and hospitality brands. For instance, Kumar has collaborated with ITC Grand Chola, ITC Fabelle, Hyatt Hotels, The Leela Palace and GRT Hotels Group. When it comes to textile and jewellery, Kumar has worked with Lalitha Jewellers, JCS Jewellers, Kumaran Silks, Nalli Silks, and VBJ Jewellers and Bangalore Central . Similarly, he has also worked with leading media houses like The Times of India, India Today, Fortune India, Juggernaut, and Penguin India.

Passion for the craft

And while his impressive clientele expands with each passing day, for Sumanth what drives him is his passion. Passion for his work, and his craft. And his drive to learn with each new day, each new opportunity.

So if you are looking for photography services in Chennai, you know where to go!

Photography services in Chennai
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