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How interesting really, that we get to use photographs to choose which side of our personalities we’d like the world to see. And that’s precisely why portrait photography is key. For instance, there’s a family we live with. There are friends we spend time with. Finally, there are hundreds of people we casually meet, work with and encounter on a daily basis. Whether in person, or digitally. However, most times, owing majorly to social media, there are people we meet with that may not even know us. And vice versa. Nonetheless, how crucial is it then to portray a certain perception of us to such audiences?

Creating the right impression

Moreover, at times when we want to create a certain impression. As the face of a company? As an aspiring artist? Or as a potential employee? An able photography artist will know exactly how to create a specific kind of impression of his client, for an exact purpose. Similarly, black and white portrait photographs have a certain charm.

Perhaps you’d want the portrait photograph to make a dramatic impact. For example, give out old school vibes. What poses work best?

Knowing the basics well

Perhaps a portrait photograph pose with your hands dangling on the side may seem too shabby. You looking straight into the camera may exude the right amount of confidence. For instance, which portrait photography tips do you need to make the right impression? And what are you even trying to convey through the portrait shot? One the other hand, will a portrait photograph meant for Pinterest make do for a website as well?

Get yourself professional help!

It’s these kinds of nuances that make or break your portrait shot. Firstly,hey bring in depth. Secondly, they bring in drama. However, one of the more experienced portrait photographers in Hyderabad, Sumanth Kumar brings just the right kind of skill. For instance, whether portrait photography for Instagram, or portraits in wedding photography. What’s the right camera for portraits, what effect does photography with black background have, do we need portrait photography editing.

Photography at night or day, portrait photography without flash or without studio lights. Complete with the rule of thirds, portrait photography lighting, editing styles and genres – here’s  your one stop shop.

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