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The front cover of any book you pick up or website you visit can make or break an impression. And with our constant doom scrolling, there’s not an extra second to spare. It’s the most unforgiving of all races – and when it comes to images, nothing less than perfect works. What is editorial photography then? Simply put, editorial photography deals with putting images to a story or text, that will help further the narrative. That goes alongside the text, but in no means overpowers it. It helps you capture images that are stunning, captivating and speak volumes in themselves – adding to the story of the words on the side.Some examples include images on books, magazines or even websites. For example, a book on interior photography will have an image of the interiors of the palace on the front cover.

An editorial style wedding photography magazine will feature a picture of a smiling bride on the first page. Or a cookbook, will have a tempting image of a dish at the background of the title of the book. As a editorial photographer in Chennai it is is storytelling. From editorial wedding photography and bridal to editorial lifestyle photography to vintage  and editorial car photography.

But don’t mistake it for commercial photography. This example might help you in the editorial photography vs commercial photography analysis. Say an image of a lipstick is featured next to a story of the lipstick – how it is made, what shades are available, who makes these lipsticks, which company manufactures it. Then its editorial lipstick photography. But if the image is an advertisement, trying to sell you the lipstick, then it’s commercial photography. since Sumanth is a editorial photographer in Chennai Whether it’s outdoor  or editorial beauty photography. From using the right inspiration and themes, to using the right lighting, techniques and editorial photography equipment. With Kumar’s editorial photography portfolio, you’re guaranteed the best with the one of the best photographers in Hyderabad

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